How To Keep Your Data Backup Files In Secure Location

It is very highly uncertain and unpredictable when the computer fails or the files go wrong. When such a thing happens, all the files stored and all information in them are irretrievably lost for ever. Hence the importance of keeping the computer back up files separately in order to recoup them in case of loss.


Security for data back up information does not mean safety from theft or intrusion. It means protection from damage that has affected your main file system. Starting back up files on the same computer hard drive as the original files will result in their loss if the hard drive is affected.

Presuming that you did not have a problem with your computer data backup is dangerous and waste of time just like wearing your seat belt. Accident or not, you have to wear your seat belt. The information on your computer can be lost or corrupted in numerous ways like system failure which may cost your life.

Files Needing Back up

Find out from the computer which files cannot be recreated once lost. Back up is absolutely necessary for financial information, family photographs, bought and down loaded music and personal projects and email address books.Recovering files is the most important thing irrespective of using disks or CDs or any other device for back up. Each computer has at least one drive for three and half inch floppy disk. Not any more these disks with backup information should be in your new computer for access of files.


Look for on line computer data back up services. With the help of secure file transfer protocol [FTP] site. The total content of your hard drive can be transferred and safely stored for easy retrieval. Though you can save files locally, a disaster may destroy your files along with every other thing.

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