Different Types of Data Back Up Devices

Back up mass data storage in the result of enormous amount of data stored in home computers as well as in business along with the necessity for protecting the files from disaster, often the back up is larger than the original when they are full of copies of a network with increments of file changes. As the needs of the data very, greatly, so the backup mass data storage devices that meet them also differ.

All sizes and shapes

Back ups are often stored by large businesses on tape devices. At times the entire network is copied regularly, the tapes stored, and then reused, sometimes, the copied network is supplemented with taped copies of only the changes made since the last completed copy. Sometimes you have to make copies when you are not using the network. Very careful storing is needed and replacement made before they are worn out. Other storage devices for back up mass data storage are CD’s and DVD’s. The procedure is the same as for the tapes. The discs have to be changed manually as they become full and the tape reels hold more data. To store more data on each device, compression is used. A zip drive is enough to compress the data for storage in the case of individual files or home computer.


One such mass data storage device for back up is the USB device. All programmes on a computer hard drive can be backed up by external hard drives with or without the data files. It is a mirror of the hard drives present and can restore a damaged computer easily. For both permanent and portable storage, flash memory devices are good choices. The USB implementers Forum has laid down a standardized set of communications protocols for backup mass data storage using USB. This ensures the working of all the devices whether for external storage, digital cameras or cell phones with the USB port on a computer irrespective of the manufacturer including the operating systems of most computers.


Banks and stock exchanges were responsible for the need for back up mass data storage devices due to their large businesses. This has now spread to small businesses and home computers. We must remember to protect, by back up, and irreplaceable file. Back up mass data storage devices are the life savers of credit card numbers of thousands of customers or the first photo of some one’s grand child.

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