The Thin Credit Card That Makes Your Debt Thick

Easy to carry wherever one goes, very thin and small, easily sliding in to a purse or wallet or a pocket, a credit card is the proud possession of every American companies want every one to use the credit card and have some credit debt. But as the credit debt goes beyond the normal level, the customer’s credit rating drops slowly and steadily. A responsible user of a credit card will always keep a low balance by charging monthly expenses and later paying it off every month.

There is always the danger of credit debt going out of hand. Money may not be on hand, a purchase has to be made on the spot and before the person realizes what is happening, he is deep in the quagmire of credit debt. It is very difficult to come out of it. He knows that he must pay it all off.
Find a credit card with lowest balance for payment. Look for the next lowest credit card and pay it along with the cash allocated for the first debt. Follow this pattern till all credit debt is cleared. Be not deserted as this is a slow process. Eventually all your debt will have been paid in this manner.


Something to take notice of:

There are a few pit falls we have to avoid while paying off credit cards. The person invariably uses the card again instead of paying down cash. If done so, the debt will never be paid down. The rate of interest will make for paying the maximum amount each month.


The person must have discipline to continue paying down the credit amounts. If this cannot be done without help a different person else where and trust worthy should hold the cards and not return them until they are all paid off or there is an emergency.


Credit debt must be paid of by the individual himself. After all the credit debts are cleared one will thank his friends for the help. It will feel great to have one’s good credit restored. Take a decision today for the great future tomorrow.

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