How Important is Computer Data Storage?

Computer data storage is a very important part of a system providing the most significant function of retaining information. Computer data storage includes all computer devices, components and other recording media.The memory of the storage is usually referred to as RAM [random access memory] and other form of temporary storages, optical disks, hard disks, magnetic storage, and other mass storage are other alternatives providing slower performance compared to the RAM.

A computer is a combination of many important components with input/output devices, logic arithmetic units, storage spaces and control circuitry. A computer without computer data storages is no more than a calculator or a media player. The versatility of the computer lies in its ability to store data.


Different types of computer data storage

Each system is unique in its purpose. All storages have their own draw backs while offering users a way to store personal information and data. The primary computer data storages are connected directly to a system’s CPU [Central Processing Unit]. This is considered as the heart of the computer as this helps the CPU to function properly. There are three kinds of primary storage in computers-Cache memory, main memory and processor registers.


The unique cache memory is a data storage in the internal memory used by different processing units to increase performance. Most information in the main memory is duplicated automatically in the cache memory though slowly. But it provides greater capacity than the processor registers and offers faster option in data storing than the main memory.


The main memory has all programmes currently operating and all information being saved in a programme. But the inner processor registers in the CPU contain the logic and performance is provided by the process registers.Memory cards, CDs, DVDs and flash memory devices like Zip disks, magnetic tapes, floppy disks and USB devices can be used if the data storage system is not sufficient.


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