Components of Human Resource Management System

Human Resource Management System is a complex system that encompasses a lot of other modules to do all the functions of human resource management. The different functions of human resource management are made into different modules for ease of tracking the information. This also enables you to use a particular module alone wherever necessary. You can customize your human resource management system so that you use only the modules that are necessary for your organization. Some of the components of human resource management system are Payroll, Time Management, Benefits, Recruitment, Training, and HR Administration.


The Payroll module helps you to prepare the checks for an employee for a particular month or to deposit the amount to the employee account. The payroll module gets details such as work hours of the employee for a particular month from the Time Management module. It interacts with other modules such as Finance module of the organization to keep track of the compensation paid to the employee from time to time.


The time management module gets employee check in and check out time in the office from other devices like the card access systems. This process is automated by such devices in most of the organizations. The Benefits module helps to keep track of insurance, compensation, stock options, and retirement benefits of the employee.


The Recruitment module is used to perform the recruitment process of selecting the right candidate for the various posts in the organization. Usually the recruitment module is web-based, so that potential employees can apply online for any post advertised in the website. It is easy to short list candidates with the help of the recruitment module. You can set criteria based on which you can short list candidates by a simple query to the database. A sub module to the recruitment module like ‘applicant tracking system’ is helpful to track the applications got for a vacancy. Similarly other modules like training, HR administration, and Performance appraisal are used for their respective purposes.

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