Complexities in information systems management in practice

Knowing the theory about information systems management is different and applying them in real world is entirely different. There are lots of complexities involved in real implementation. That is where knowledge and experience are put to good use. There are also some books that give you an idea of the complexities of information systems management in practice.

You should know the importance of information systems management before you ever attempt to implement it in your organization. Know the organization environment, the technological environment, and the mission. Only if you know all these you can successfully implement the information management systems in real world.


One of the issues that you should be aware of are the leadership issues. The responsibilities of the CIO should be known clearly and you should also know where the organization is header towards at least with respect to Information Systems. Information technology can be used for different types of interaction among the users. It could be between the business and the employee, business and the customer, or between the business and another business. All of these might be implemented depending on the requirement of your business. You have to planning your information systems accordingly.


The architecture that is used in information systems implementation in an organization is very important for the future if the IS department. If you plan properly, you will be not be investing too much in the future or spending more time in enhancement of the hardware and the software. Hence the overall IT architecture is important for an organization.


One of the other issues in information management systems in practice is the way telecommunication is handled in the organization. The telecommunications industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the past decade and there are many options available to make your organization’s telecommunication needs more efficient. Invest in the right technology and the latest technology to reap the benefits of it fully.


The other one that should be focused is the way the information sources and the information itself is stored in the organization. Storing of the data and retrieving the data is more critical to the success of a business. Proper database and proper backup for restoring data in case of failure is very important. These are the complexities involved in information management systems in practice and the leader in the IS department should know how to deal with these to manage IS effectively.


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