Comparing Different Types of Time Management Systems

Be realistic in deciding on a time management system for day to day use. Be disciplines about it and select the time management system which is least complicated and quite accessible to use.

Basic time management system pen and paper

The paper journal page, though old fashioned, has not become obsolete. It is unsurpassed in its portability and accessibility. A daily planner is always energetic. It will never fail or be out of wireless range. You will never suffer a disk or memory error. The disadvantage of day planer is that does not synchronize automatically with your calendar on your p.c. If you don’t use a pc to plan your schedule, you lose your day planner and don’t have to backup. Many of us prefer a time management system, portable and synchronous with the calendar soft ware on our pc.


Time management system device: personal digital assistant:

While using a palm or Black berry, people choose mostly a personal digital assistant to keep track of their time. If you don’t forget to use your docking station you can use it for years together without running out of battery power and your schedule will be automatically synchronized to your pc schedule.

But the disadvantage of using a PDA is that of data loss between syncs. Moreover many people find that it takes longer to enter appointments in a PDA than to write it on paper calendar page. But the advantage is that they can always read their “writing” in their PDA. This could change soon as hand writing technologies advance.


Time management system software

Time tracking software is the time management system for any one who ekes his livelihood by hourly billing. This time management software often includes a billing module for the hourly time keepers to use one software application for time tracking, involving budgeting, and other accounting functions.


Time management system Low tech reminders

There are some strange people who tie a sting around their finger to remember something. Don’t laugh at them. A visual reminding of some thing you are expected to do can be a powerful time management system. For example if you remember to pack your lunch every day but forget to get it to work with you, you can write a note on a bright neon colored paper “did you remember your lunch today” and tape it to the inside of the visor of your car.


Arriving at home, you can put the visor down. You will surely notice it the next morning when you get in to the car and remind you of taking lunch with you.Implementation of simple management systems are an effective means of growing more efficient and organized.


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