Choose The Right Data Collection Process

It is a very common phenomenon nowadays when individuals and companies collect data everyday. These individual collect data to know the day to day rise and fall in prices in their personal life so do the business men collect information related to their business. But each has their own way and tools to collect these data.

Take for instance a taxi driver who collects information regarding the rates of the gasoline will basically look at price boards in the pumping station. Similarly a homemaker who wants to know the price variation for gas or cooking oil will call up the distributor or the retailer to know the present price for her data collection. These are all unsophisticated or basic ways to collect data which is in no way inferior to other methods of data collection.


But for a business firm for a data collection process one has to know the exact kind of data to be collected and also time when the information is necessary. This is a very important factor to be noted when there are different set of people appointed to collect different types of data. Each group is allotted a limited time to collect the data required and once all the groups have collected the required information, then all the data collected are joined together to get the final result.


How Helpful It Is

To understand the outlook of the group data collection let us take a family who decides to go on a vacation. They need to collect data on different aspects. While the cost of the vacation is important it is also necessary that they get the best for what they pay and should also be cost friendly. In this example the destination is not very important but to see the various types of data that can be collected.


To start with they have to decide their mode of transport, boarding and lodging and also food and amusement. Suppose there are four members in a family then each one can take the responsibility of collecting information on one task. Dad can take the job of looking into the cost of flights, number of flights available and the best possible flight convenient for their family. Considering the price factor he can then enquire about the arrival and departure timings and also if it is a hopping or non stop flight. Mom in the meantime can call up to find out the availability in boarding and lodging, their rates, and how far it is good and cozy for the vacation and also how the price fits into their budget.


The siblings can look into the transport factor like the car rates they will hire to reach the spot and also the food factor the best eatery etc. When all the information is collected the family can meet in the evening to analyze the data collected by each one of them and can take an undisputed decision for their vacation.

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