Choice of Data Back up Strategy

The hard drive, can at any moment, collapse or become a victim of a disaster and so it is imperative for one to have a backup of important computer files. We can predict the way to recover it though we cannot foresee what causes its failure. Backing up is a part and parcel of the computing process in the maintenance category.

First and foremost develop your data back strategy. It is a balance between the significance of your computer files and the amount of space it requires. After this is decided, find out how may times a back up is required and if it should be of chosen files changes, or copies of entire file systems.


Who, What, When, Where, How

Consider the situation when there is a computer disaster while planning your data back up strategy. What can rebuild your files? What files and systems are to be rebuilt? How quickly you have to be on your feet? Will a loss of information affect others? Can a few files be kept in hard copy harmlessly? Answers for these questions depend on whether you are making technical decisions for a midsized company, a home computer network of small business and a college student or a single home computer used for keeping the family budget and general paper work.


You should back up daily in a safe and easy manner to reconstruct sensitive data important to daily routine. If the data is large in size compression is a possibility security is important if your data includes credit card or social security information of your employees or customers.


Daily copies of important files being important, data back up strategy should mind the storage of those sensitive files. The data back up strategy and recovery should know how to contact those whose information has been compromised. If the disaster is of a hacking nature the recovery is different from if it had been a fire. Individual needs of your data should be considered while planning your data back up strategy but not the technical bells and whistles.


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