Characteristics of a perfect information processing management system

Information processing management is a key area that has to be focused for smooth running of any business. The source of the information that is processed should be reliable so that the user has the confidence in the information that is processed.

Duplicate information should be removed from the system which should be done automatically. Such intelligence should be incorporated in the information processing management system. Although it is tough to achieve this, it should be goal of the information processing management system.


Information from other media like print should also be processed through this system. The necessary hardware and software tools should be in place to process such print media. Sufficient skilled manpower should also be available to run this process uninterrupted. A proper document management system should be in place to handle all these information. If necessary a service desk for assisting the personnel involved in information processing can be kept for timely help.


For some information processing system, the information can be taken in real time from the source to the system automatically without the need for personnel to key in the information. Such systems are more helpful in manufacturing environment and other advanced technology centers. A fault tolerance for such data should be considered while processing such information.


The process for managing information should be clear so that the information entering the system at the entry stage goes through the different stages before it is mined in a server for later reference and use. Appropriate approval and authentication should be in place in the system while the information goes through different stages of the process. For example certain documents / information have to be approved by the authorities before it is mined. Such information should lie in queue for approval without which it should enter into the system for mining.


Proper information processing management would help any organization to serve it customer to the fullest satisfaction thereby increasing the productivity and the returns for the organization.

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