Books on Human Resource Management

Human resource management is a complex topic with various functions in it. It is not possible to avoid human resource management as people are the main asset of any organization. The success of any organization is not in the marketing strategies or other cutting edge technologies; it depends a lot on how they manage the workforce in their organization.

A good HR department would have a good reference library for its staff where they can refer to some good books on different aspects of human resource management. It is better to build a library of books on HR if you do not have one till now. It would motivate your HR staff and also serve as a good reference to them when they are facing any issues.


One of the books on human resource called the ‘Human Resource Champions’ talks about the different roles of the HR Manager. You get information about strategies, administration, change management and dealing with employees in it. All the competencies needed to be a good HR Manager are all dealt with in it. ‘Tomorrow’s HR Management’ is another book on HR Management that you can’t miss. This book answers a lot of question on the trends of HR in the current industry scenario and also talks about the future of the HR trends. This is also a book that you can’t avoid.


‘The Human Capital Edge’ is a book that talks about the 21 people management practices that you need to follow. If you can practice them in real you are sure to get a significant impact on the returns. Good HR practices always have a good impact on the organization. You will realize this after reading this book. Many such books on the best practices of HR management and about the experiences of the industry leaders are available. Having such books in your shelf is a sure way to make a significant change in your HR management.

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