Benefits of using human resource management information system

A human resource management information system is a merger between the different traditional functions of human resource department and information technology. The use of information technology in human resource functionalities has enabled faster processing of the different functions performed by the human resource department.

Human resource management information system has many modules that can be related to the different functions of the human resource department. Some of the modules of the HRMS are workforce planning, recruitment, induction and orientation, training and development, performance appraisal, compensation, benefits administration, time management, and payroll.


All of these modules can be inter-linked and any type of report can be taken at any time. This would help the management to take some informed decisions. Employee data is available at the click of a button and this is very helpful in managing all the employee related activities faster. In the conventional method of files and file cabinet, getting the details was very tedious.


With the recruitment module in place, recruitment functions can be performed faster than never before. The concerned department which needs employees of certain skills can easily pass on the message to the HR department with the human resource management information system. The HR department can easily publish an advertisement in the company’s website so that it is available public. Since the Recruitment module is web-enabled, candidates can apply for the job online and their curriculum vitae is available to the HR department instantaneously. They can perform a simple query with the selection criteria on the database and select the candidates for interview. The workflow is also automated and the selection process is faster than never before.


The benefits of using other modules of the human resource management information system are many and it varies with the department. Altogether the whole organization gets benefited with the HRMS.

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