Benefits of subscribing to a Facility Management Journal

Facility management is a complex task and it involves the usage of computer and software for efficient handling of the tasks in hand. Subscribing to a facility management journal helps you identifying the right kind of software needed for facility management. You get information about the different software that is used by other organization and reviews of the software.

Some of the benefits that you get when you subscribe are that you can compare how your company is positioned when compared to the other companies in the same field. Thus you can start improving on some aspects so that you can increase the shareholders value. The best practices adopted globally and the emerging trends in facility management can be got through subscription to the facility management journal.


Articles and case studies are the other interesting features that would be more useful to you in a facility management journal. The articles published in the facility management journals are of high quality and value as they are written by the real practitioners of facility management. You will get to know the real problem they have faced and how they overcome those problems in real life scenario. These are of more value than the theoretical information you get anywhere else.


There are many websites on facility management journals. If you become a member of this website you can have access to the articles, case studies and relevant information on facility management. The broad areas that are covered in a facility management journal are space planning, contract management, procurement management, and life cycle management, measuring performance, recovery from disaster, planning for business continuity, project management and others.


The audiences who are benefited by the facility management journals would be Facility Directors, Managers, Property Services Head, Support Services Head, and Executives in Real Estates, Director – Operations, Consultants, Building Managers, and even Academics.

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