Advantages of Automated Data Collection Systems

Computer based data collection system is widely known as an automated data system too. Collection of the required data, organizing it and storing it through technology is all that is meant by this. Our daily life revolves around this kind of automate data collection system but the fact is that we do not concentrate on it. This deals with the storing of data on our laptop and desktop computers.

By the usage of temp and other files the computer creates and collects the maintenance that comes on our system. To find out problems occurring in the system we can take help from the programs inside the computer operating systems through this data. It is just not the computers but many other systems have the inbuilt automated data collection system embedded in them. Let’s have a look at what are the other equipments which have this facility.


Since the late 1970s cars have this system of automated data collection. If we notice a car mechanic carefully we can see him looking out for a data port, he connects his computer to the car to know what information or data have been saved in it.


In the recent times, our ovens that are used for preparing various foods is set for maintenance and has an automated data collection system in them.

Although it is complicated to take care of the different functions inside a refrigerator and make changes to get the best results for storage of foods, the refrigerator too has an automated data collection system.


There are a number of other items including the cell phone which has an automated data collection system. It accepts and changes according to its functions be it phone books or games. This helps to work according to our convenience like saving a game, restarting with it when the mechanic’s computer is speaking with our car and we are waiting, like the oven which helps in the food preparation by turning on the heat.


An automated data collection system helps to gain data from the appliance and electronics by gathering, analyzing and storing it. It is impossible to visit each consumer personally who has purchased any of these items and request them to download the information. In the same way most of the automated data collection systems need an organized and non intruding way of collecting the required information.


With the onset of the latest micro technology for the transmission of information of many products one can make a phone call to concerned company for the latest information. With already existing arrangements from the factory the computers are able to do this mostly, but there are many which we may have to turn off and not turn on. Hence a creative automated data collection system design is what is needed to be gathered by the company.

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