An Overview of the Contribution of Sharepoint Project Management

Microsoft SharePoint can help organize and deal with complex projects with easy coordination and communication among team members. It serves both as a Project Communications tool and as a central repository of information related to the project.

It is a productivity tool that provides Project Managers several benefits apart from supporting Business intelligence, Custom Solutions, Documents Management, Content Management etc. It was designed to create a robust environment where users can easily control data without being bound by limiting constraints. It can be incorporated with Microsoft Office on the Windows operating system.

A SharePoint site is a Web site that provides a central repository for documents, information, company data and ideas. It helps group of resources to exchange and partake information and work in collaboration. The member’s are allowed to contribute, review and provide feedback.


As a Communication platform Sharepoint plays an effective role. It can make information universally available to organization of any size. The simplicity with which a user can access, utilize and collaborate makes it highly desirable. Collaborative software support cooperative work and reduce barriers to involvement and increase efficiency with which information or knowledge is shared. SharePoint can be used to create websites, blogs, wikis, to provide discussion forums and User Alerts.


As a Document Management System, it also helps to track changes in documents without the hassles of traditional Change Management Methodologies. A user can store, exchange, publish and manage the documents of an organization with features of check-in/check-out, versioning, establishing approval workflows etc.


It further aids Project management by permitting options to create, track, assign and report about tasks and resources on each project. By its high-tech calendaring and scheduling features that integrate with Outlook it allows for easy event management and scheduling of appointments and meetings. SharePoint makes available a Web-based system that enables organizations to create a customary Project Management

Information System (PMIS) based on project management methodologies.


SharePoint has proved to be effective on an extensive range of project management approaches from the conventional “waterfall” to the up-and-coming agile methodologies. The web based access to timesheets is helpful as it not only facilitates the resources to keep track of the time spent on the project activities but it also provides easy information to the project managers to take well informed decisions. The project managers save time spent on tracking resource utilization.


SharePoint can help facilitate an organization to manage all types of work and projects in a single environment. It is an easy tool for all stakeholders to understand and work with, as it provides an excellent balance of functionality, flexibility and simplicity. Many organizations are also implementing a PMO architecture approach to Project Portfolio Management where SharePoint is a key component.


SharePoint can be viewed as a revolutionary platform for information sharing and collaboration. However a project manager should get to know all the functionality that is available from Project Lists to Automated Workflow etc to acquire the maximum benefit while trying to manage one or more projects. Ease of use alone is not a guarantee for successful project management as proliferation of projects and its sites in SharePoint can develop rapidly and the requirement to manage all these projects may present challenges.

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