Advantages of going for object oriented database management systems

In an object database management system the object oriented principles are combined with the database management principle and you get a hybrid system that is more powerful than the conventional relational database management system. The principles of object orientation like, polymorphism, inheritance, and encapsulation are all supported along with the principles of database systems like consistency, isolation, durability, and atomicity.

An object oriented database management system can store objects that are created in the programming language that is supported by the database. Like you work with the objects in the programming language you can work as well with the objects in the database. The benefits of using inheritance, over-riding, polymorphism and dynamic binding can be found in an object oriented database management system. Each object is the database is identified by an object identifier called the OID which is generated by the system. If any other objects refer to this object identifier and if you are deleting this object then you will be facing the referential integrity problem.

All the features of the conventional RDBMS exist in this OODBMS too. This OODBMS is more powerful than the RDBMS if you are used to object oriented programming. You can refer to the objects in the database just like you refer to the real world objects in life. Another advantage using this OODBMS is that when your application requests for an object, it is sent by the database and you will be working with the in-memory object afterwards and you are not working with the database object.

Any update or deletion is done to the in-memory object and these changes can be saved to the database once. This helps to avoid the frequent access to the database while updating, deleting, etc. Using query languages like SQL is not necessary when you are accessing the OODBMS. However if you want to do so, you can. Since the objects in OODBMS have an object ID the programmer need not worry about the Primary key which is necessary in the RDBMS.

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