A couple of products that have integrated document management

The meaning of the term ‘document’ has changed a lot in the last two decades. With the advent of the electronic devices and the computing devices, ‘document’ has a different meaning than it was earlier. Now-a-days we refer to the digital document that could be just text or image, email, or web page. In the early days the document were found in paper format only. Now that has changed and the way it is being stored has also changed. Without the computer or an electronic device you might not be able to see the ‘document’. Hence storing them and retrieving them is also more complex now-a-days.

There are many applications that help ease the business processes in an organization. Some of the applications might have integrated document management feature in it. When we say an integrated document management application we mean that processing and handling of the different documents and the different stages it undergoes in a business process are available.

One such product that is considered as an integrated document management application is from Vicisoft. ViciDocs Enterprise is such a document management system. With this system in place you can organize the documents in your organization in a structured manner. The best practices followed globally in storing documents, retrieving documents, and searching for a document are followed in the development and implementation of this product. This product has integrated document system apart from modules that process forms, integrates fax, manage workflow, archives emails, and does other functionalities.

OnBase is another product in this category that has ‘integrated document management’ in it. This is mainly content management software that also manages the business process and the records in an organization. This product is available as a web application also. As with other document management systems, you can share the documents with your clients, vendors, and your employees. Access to the document can be restricted if needed. Thus the business efficiency is improved drastically.


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