5 Important Tips for Proper Time Management

The Himalayan blunder committed by most of the people is to be busy always while attempting to improve their time management skills. This is not going to help them in the long run.
Time management tool tip 1 Goals and objectives

First and foremost, fix a few objectives and goals for the year, month, week and day related to your total productivity. These may be specific or broad based on your personality. Ensure you prioritize your goals and objectives to have more specific plan of attack.

Time management tool tip 2: write it down

Before attempting big improvements in your skills see how you are using. Your time by writing down every thing you do through out the day on a 3 in to 5 index card. Review the cards once a week and break the general activities in to percentage. This alone indicates very clearly where you stand now.

Write the established goals on the cards and cross them off soon after you finish them one by one. This will help you a lot surprisingly. This similar to crossing off item on your grocery list and boost your morale every time you do it.

There is a psychological positive effect of writing things down which, the world famous weigh loss organization “weight watchers” recognizes. They advise their members to write down their food points as they go through the day. They realize that writing some thing down is a key to making it happen.

Time management tool tip 3: diet

Energy is the primary requisite for more dedication and accomplishment. You should, definitely concentrate on taking a nutritious diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Ensure that you are not addicted to alcohol and drugs.

Time management tool tip 4: work out

This appears to be a simple formula, you have to work hard, sweat out, augment your heart beat and add more energy to achieve your daily goals. In other words you have to charge the battery of your body on a daily basis.

Time management too tip 5: attitude

Pat yourself on your back similar to what you do when you get rid of a bad habit, when you progress. This can be termed as positive reinforcement which can be repeated several times through out the day by using your mind.

Maintain a positive attitude all through the day which will work wonders and help you become a more organized person.


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