4 Important Key Technologies to Improve Your Time Management Skills

The use of electronic gadgets and soft ware applications in day to day activities has become sine quo non in this technological age. These tremendous advances have rendered time very small and sudden like a flash of light requiring wise and clever management.Modern technology has now displaced pen and paper in managing time though they are still important. They are now aids in proper and wise management of time.
A few technologies that improve time management are given below in alphabetical order.

Hi task

This web based task management application is specially designed with the methodology of ‘getting things done’. Application of this helps in improving time management through an easy and quick way to manage your daily activities or routine. It has both free and fee based services for use.

Hi task enables you to schedule and organize on line your tasks with your web browser without any additional software. You can have a drag-and-drop calendar to schedule your activities. It also permits you to have a team of other users who can be entrusted with some tasks.

I pod

This is Apple’s very popular music player though not specifically designed as a productivity tool. It helps improve time management by down loading text based to do lists in it. A text file is a simple electronic note pad where you can in put lists, series of texts etc. Because of this feature, you can listen to your music through the I pod, and manage your day all in one device.

Microsoft out look

This is mainly utilized as an application for sending and receiving e-mail. It also provides a calendar, note taking, task and contract management and journal. There is a reminder feature in its calendar that informs you scheduled events and tasks and a flagging system that shows whether you have attended to it or not. This is beneficial and made use of not only by professionals but individuals as a stand alone application. It is really a potent managing device.

Mobile phone

One of the top most devices without which man cannot manage is the mobile phone which keeps him connected and serves as a primary vehicle of communication. Is calendar and to do features are basic. It helps improve time management because there is no one who does not cater to it. All people in the world from the rich to the poor, from the humble to the noble use the phone regularly.

Personal digital assistant (PDA)

This is a more complex type of device compared to the mobile phone.. The PDA helps in improving time management by providing an installed calendar and ‘to do’ list application of a high standard. It is bigger screen can connect with a computer and synchronize and update any tasks or activities.


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