3 Important Benefits of Using Time Management Charts

Time management controls our daily activities as well as offers us an awareness if, we are utilizing time properly and putting it to good use. Time management keeps track form daily routines to spare hours through various methods, techniques and models. The usual means of doing so is through time management chart.

From students to professionals, for evaluation and maximizing the use of the time whether work or play time management chart is used extensively. It provides many benefits to those who make use of it. Three such benefits are stated below. Three forms of the chart are pie chart, wheel or table which simply lists down daily routines and activities with their corresponding time or time span.

The following are the three benefits that time management charts provide.

Summarize your use of time: Time flies fast in no time and you wonder how it has elapsed. Day and night alternate before you actually realize and take note of it.

You can understand what you have done for the day and review it through creating a time management chart. You can easily find out, which part of the day and time flies and, prevent it later. By summarizing the day’s activities you can assess if the time spent is practical or not. You are thus aware of what you do and can utilize your time in a better way.

Lets you create a better life balance

Effective time planning can be done through a time management chat. This can be done through graphical representation and the sphere of life you want to balance out can be easily show cased.

For example, you can use a pie chart to indicate your activities like sleeping, getting up, eating and coking, family, work, exercising, recreation, through a graphical image of the amount of time you spend for each. Thus you can see which activity has taken the maximum time and which has taken up the least.

You can therefore, plan out on which part you want to spend maximum time, and on which you want to spend the least of time, which hours you should cut back or insert new activities and those you want to leave out. The time management chart, thus ideally balances your daily routine to complement you and your life style.

Helps eliminate stress

Besides creating a better life balance, a time management chart reduces or eliminates stress. It allows you to review the responsibilities you face in your daily routine and tells you whether it is worth or not.

For example, overloading yourself with too many things to do creates stress experience both for the body and mind. Evaluation tells you which things are important and what are not. You can, therefore, eliminate such tasks that hinder productivity, lighten your burden and get rid of it or reduce your stress.

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